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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 4:25 pm

Me Nabet here in the office thinking wat a day will it be tomorrow June 3, is it going to rain, will it be Hot?? hmm
its just on of those days that have a big meaning to me, if going back 22 years back in time i was nothing i was new to everything, just a human being exploring the world.

its just a new beginning of responsibilities and dreams coming true every day, and of course celebrating the good and the bad but most of it the happy i am to be who i am now, many people always ignored but i have shown all of them that dreams might not come true but its not hard to try at least we will learn something from it and that makes my days; me trying and trying and of course each try have a step a head.
i am moving slowly but with struggles and enough effort..

yeah its just a new day to celebrate, its not a big party to others but for me it is one, its me moving on and do wat i can do best...

day by day i think about my goals, hmmm the list just to big, but i have them well organized, some of them be happy, make others be happy, live each day, love, effort, education, study, hmm all of them are just like yours or maybe not.. but they are goals that i have and there are other important ones which makes me move on.. its like the fuel of an engine..

goals and dreams might be hard to accomplish or to make it come true but, nothing is impossible if we try hard i mean harder than u tried yesterday.. and u will see that it will make a big difference in your life and it will impact others in a good way..

so live life to the very best and use your energy and power to do good to your self and others..

its me typing this ?
jejej yeah

Happy Birth Day to all of my friends who celebrating this month (JUNE) the list is so big that i cant remember with out looking at my calendar wat a shame to be ur friend true? But no i have never forgotten that i have friends out there..

well nabs it time to go home..


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