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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ESCL - Day 0

After waiting so much time and counting the days XXD, Finally the first Central American Open Source Summit arrived, all exited that i was i not even did go sleep cause i was packing for my big trip all around Central America in bus witch is known as the "Open Source Bus" by ESCL(encuentro centroamericano de software libre) Community.

After all this fuss i was ready, but still i was so nervous cause; first it was my first time that i was going to travel so far by my self, second i had in mind that i have so much responiblites @ work and third i was thinking if the little pocket money that i was taking will do the trike jeje u know take me to my destination and bring me back home.. jejeje

well the day arrived Tuesday June 16, 2009 all anxious i took my bags and waited for the taxi driver who never appeared i had to go to the highway and look for one by then it was almost 7am and i was waiting sine 5:45am jeje i felt like i will not make it on time to take the micro bus in Melchor De Mencos Guatemala wich was to take me to Santa Elena Peten Guatemala to aboard my Plain that was to take me to Guatemala City (Maya De Oro)jejej.

Once i was in Santa Elena the first thing i did was buy my ticket second i decided that i will treat my self a Burger @ Burger Kind so that was my first lunch for the day with coffee and lots of coffee so i don't fall at sleep cause it was my first time i was to travel during the day.

All exited i spend all my Quetzales so i had to pay a man who was driving a tuck tuck moto taxi and he took me to a ATM machine from there i asked him to take me to buy a Tigo Chip for my phone so i can be in contact with Luis (AKA l.fac) from Guatemala City who was going to give me a place to sleep so i can take the bus.

one in the terminal i called l.fac and told him that i am on my way also i text my mom to tell her that i am on my way and also my special friend in Belize it was an international text.

ooooooh yeah almost forgot jejej i boarded the bus, and like 1 hours of traveling the bus started to give problems jeje yeah i felt nervous cause me by my self not knowing where i am , but the driver called his office and a next bus arrived i was like thanks lots ...

Finally after 8 hours of travel the bus arrived Guatemala and i was happy to be safe in Guatemala..After few calls i meet L.fac in the terminal.. thanks to him i was able to make it to take the Bus that was to take us to Esteli Nicaragua.

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