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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A ball of fire or a space shuttle

minutes to 9pm (Belizean time -6 Central America , Feb 21, 2010), a ball of fire was seen in the sky, oooooooooops it was not a ball of fire, and nope it was not  a meteorite it was Endeavour (space shuttle) that was heading to Florida to land at the Kennedy Space Center, yeah local radio stations and news channels here in Belize where talking that something had crashed in the small village of Ontario in the Cayo District, Belize.

I was hearing A Guatemalan Radio, where i heard about the "Unknown ball of fire" from there i started to research in the internet and found out that it was a space shuttle that illuminated the sky's of Guatemala Honduras and Belize; i Remember seeing the same "ball of fire" around 199x where it also passed through Central American sky's and that yes caused some minor accidents in Mexico where car drivers where saying that they saw a ball of fire and the distraction caused them to crash ..(up to right now i have not heard any bad news, only panic persons and lots of calls to local radios, TV)

oh well thanks God it was nothing to be alarmed, but i think that if such things, will be passing or occurring. NASA or our own local news should let the people know what is expected to see and hear when the space shuttle pass by..

Greetings to the crew and all the people involved in such a historic event.

This picture shows the landing ground tracks of Endeavour space shuttle.

peace time to go to sleep..

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