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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clickjacking Attack on Facebook

After doing some research this week,i found out that there is a malicious links in facebook.

everything started Tuesday (January 19, 2010) morning when one of my co-worker in the office started to complain that someone have been posting Rude comments to almost all of his friends on facebook, after we tried to see who was using his machine the night before we came to a conclusion that it was from an outside source/ attack or maybe some one using his computer; but he was the last one to left the room.

what was of more concern was that after i told him to reset all his passwords, we found out that some one have changed all his email account passwords (3 email accounts), he was able to reset 2 of his password using his secure questions.

so i started to wonder how can that happen when we use Ubuntu on all of our machines even our servers are using LINUX. so i started to question him and i came to the conclusion that he have been tricked by some site. so the research started for me and i found that there is a maliciius link embeded in facebook known as the clickjacking.

he is one of those guys who like to watch youtube videos. and now he have lost one of his email account and learned a lesson it think, hopefully there is no valuable data on that email account.

but still i am not 100% that it was through facebook,
so just be on the look out

for more information about clickjacking <- click more info<- click

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